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HS Parking Permit

Parking Permit Policy


Vehicles shall be parked only in areas designated by the building principals for student parking.  Motor vehicles that do not have a parking permit or are improperly parked may be towed away by a commercial wrecker or have a boot placed on the tire.  It shall be the responsibility of the student and/or owner of the vehicle to pay for towing and storage charges.  The principal's office is to notify the student and/or owner where the vehicle has been taken.


  • Areas indicated and marked as "Fire Lanes"
  • Areas blocking roadways, driveways, or intersections
  • Areas blocking entrances in service driveways for delivery and/or maintenance vehicles
  • Areas indicated by "No Parking Tow Away" signs
  • Areas marked as "Reserved"
  • Areas for teachers and visitors only

I acknowledge that I have read the parking and traffic regulations form regarding automobiles and parking and will abide by the regulations.  I further understand that if my vehicle is parked illegally and it becomes necessary for it to be towed, all expenses incurred will be my responsibility.  Also, I understand that driving privileges and parking permit can be revoked without a refund as a result of Code of Conduct violations such as but not limited to: leaving school without permission (alone or with another persons), violations of the Random Student Drug Testing Policy, and violation of the parking regulations.  Drivers that accept a parking permit and park their vehicle on school property are subject to the Random Student Drug Testing Policy.  No sticker will be replaced unless the old sticker, or a large portion of it, is brought to the office.  Vehicles parked on school property are under the jurisdiction of the school.  The school reserves the right to search any vehicle if reasonable cause exists to do so.  Students have full responsibility of the security of their vehicles and will make certain they are locked and their keys are not given to others.  Students will be held responsible for any prohibited objects or substances, such as alcohol, drugs, and weapons that are found in their cards and will be subjected to disciplinary action.  Searches of vehicles may be conducted at any time where is reasonable cause to do so, with or without the presence of the student. 


$10.00 for unpainted parking spot

$25.00 for a painted parking spot (Seniors only)

Payment must be made to the high school front office prior to permit being issued

Parking permit applications will be processed by Tom Bean ISD Police Department.  Once the permit is completed and the above fee has been paid to the school, a permit will be issued.