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The 2023 Tom Bean ISD State of the District

State of the District





Tom Bean Downtown


Tom Bean ISD is a unique school district that leverages the small school atmosphere to create a positive school experience for our students.  Tom Bean ISD has a rich history and strives to protect the small town feel and tradition that the district has established over the years. Tom Bean ISD also emphasizes providing a safe and nurturing school environment, while attempting to base every decision on doing what is best for our students. As a small school district, Tom Bean ISD is able to forge strong connections with parents, students, and the entire community to provide a supportive, academic focused learning environment.


 In Tom Bean ISD, students benefit from a low student-teacher ratio, which provides each child with more individual attention from the teacher. This advantage affords teachers with the opportunity to better understand and support students’ academic needs and be another voice of support and confidence for every student.