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Counselor's Corner

Chad Ashlock

Mr. Chad Ashlock

Dean of Students/Counselor

"Coach" Ashlock is a graduate of Tom Bean ISD and has been working with the high school since 1994.  Coach Ashlock is happily married and has two children.  Coach Ashlock has a Bachelors degree from East Texas State University and a Masters in Counseling from Texas A&M Commerce.

Talk to Coach Ashlock about any information regarding scheduling, dual credit courses, and anything else regarding counseling or career choices.



Dual Credit

Tom Bean ISD offers the dual credit program that partners with Grayson College. The dual credit program gives Juniors and Seniors the opportunity to get college credits early. Tom Bean High School offers a variety of different dual credit courses, such as Biology, History 1&2, English 1&2, Government, Economics, and others that can be given once discussed with Coach Ashlock. For more information talk with Coach Ashlock or go to the Grayson Website, or watch the video below.

Dual Credit Information Video

Dual Credit Reimbursement-Tom Bean Highschool is opening up reimbursement for Dual Credit Courses. The reimbursement amount is as follows: A-$100, B-$75, and C-$50. In order to get this reimbursement, a student must fill out the new vendor form. If you have filled it out previously, it is on file and does not need to be filled out again. Additionally, the student must present their final transcript from Grayson College and their Ledger from Myviking. All forms and papers need to be submitted to Tom Bean Administration's Business Office.

Local Scholarship Opportunities